Can Just One Soda a Day Affect Your Ability to Have Kids?

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Playing Sugary Drinks Harm Fertility?

A new study about consuming sugary beverages might make you think twice before cracking open your next soda.

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In addition to possible weight gain, heart issues, and diseases, a new study from Boston University has found that drinking a sugary beverage can also affect your fertility – in both men and women. During the 4-year study which tracked couples attempting to get pregnant, they found that when women in the study who drank just 1 soda per day had a 25 percent lower probability of pregnancy. For men in the study, 1 soda a day decreased their probability by 33 percent of fathering a child. 

In addition to possibly affecting fertility, The Doctors note that refined sugars can potentially affect one’s skin, memory, brain cells, cause inflammation and is even potentially connected to cancer.

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“When we do things that maybe we know are not ideal for our health, it often impacts unexpected things,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says, adding, “Sugar and sweets are not inherently bad. Too much, that is where the problem lies.”