Can It Rain Poop from the Sky?

Playing Can It Rain Poop?

A woman in British Columbia claims she was struck by raining feces when she was driving in her convertible with the top down. She says her son got sick from the smell of the fecal matter and she was left with a swollen eye! It may sound crazy but this can indeed happen thanks to "poopsicles."

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Poopsicles come from airplanes if they have a clogged sewage system and spring a leak, fecal matter can come out. Due to the altitude's temperature, the waste will freeze, but as both the plane and the altitude come down, the poop will defrost.

Fecal matter can carry bacteria such as E.Coli and Shigella and this falling poop is not only gross but can also pose a health risk. 

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ER physician expert Dr. Travis Stork notes that if the poop has been frozen long enough, hopefully, it will freeze the bacteria so it's not harmful. Even so, no one wants this weather forecast! 

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