Can This Inexpensive Product Correct Your Bunions?

Playing Can Your Bunions Be Corrected with a Device?

The Doctors invite podiatrist Dr. Ali Sadrieh to share his opinion on a bunion corrector device. It cost less than $10 and it claims to correct those stubborn bunions. Dr. Sadrieh says this isn’t going to work at all and this device is totally wack!

He explains that bunions are a problem with the first metatarsal (a bone in your foot) and it’s an angle issue. You are genetically born with bunions or wearing certain shoes can also be the cause. The bump can’t just be pushed in.

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OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry asks just how bad is it for women who shove their feet into stilettos? Dr. Sadrieh says if you have bunions, the high-heel arch puts a lot of pressure on the metatarsals and underneath the ball of the foot and could make bunions worse. If you don’t have bunions, you should be okay wearing them.

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Dr. Sadrieh suggests wearing orthotics or inserts to keep your foot structure stable but ultimately, he believes bunions should be corrected surgically.

Psychiatrist Dr. Ish Major questions why recovery time from bunion surgery is so long? Dr. Sadrieh explains there are two categories of bunion surgery: one at the base of the bone which is more extensive and one at the head. The head procedure is much shorter. Recovery from that is just 2 weeks of wearing surgical shoes, 2 more weeks wearing sneakers, and then the person is back to normal life. He says you are active through this recovery and luckily, a majority of bunions can be fixed this way.

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