Can Hypnosis Lead to a Less Stressful Pregnancy and Childbirth?

Playing Can Hypnosis Make Pregnancy and Labor Less Stressful?

Could hypnosis help with your pregnancy and birth? The Doctors welcome hypnotherapist Grace Smith to discuss how hypnotherapy could be the key to delivering your baby without stress.

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"It's all about relaxing," Grace says of giving birth. She tells us that hypnosis can prepare the mind for a different version of what a birth can be, saying previous notions of childbirth -- which are often scary -- do not have to be what occurs for you. She feels hypnosis can create a setting where the birth mom is in control and empowered during the birth. She says hypnosis for childbirth helped her feel calm and relaxed the entire time she carried her baby.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry says in her practice she has seen patients use hypnotherapy, noting that it worked for some, but not all. She calls it an "excellent" idea and says she likes anything that can be used to feel more relaxed, as being anxious can make your muscles tense up, including your pelvic muscles.

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She notes the goal for any birth is having a healthy mom and baby and suggests to anyone using hypnotherapy to be open to the idea of deviating from that plan if it is medically required.

Find out more about hypnosis for birth from Kathryn, who used hypnotherapy during her childbirth and say it helped her change her mindset about birth, in the video below.