Can Expired Sunscreen Lead to a Severe Burn?

Playing Second Degree Burns from Expired Sunscreen?

Could using expired sunscreen lead to a second-degree burn?

The Doctors discuss the case of a woman who ended up with second-dree burns after a day at the lake. She says she repeatedly applied sunscreen throughout the day, but ended up with severe burns. She believes this was due to using expired sunscreen.

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So can sunscreen expire? Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra warns that sunscreen can, in fact, expire. She says usually a bottle will be good for 3 years, but warns that the FDA does not require the expiration date to printed on the bottle, and suggests marking the bottle with the date when you purchase.

Dr. Batra warns that hot and steamy conditions, like leaving the bottle in the sun, can cause sunscreen to breakdown quicker. She says if the sunscreen becomes watery, changes color, or changes its consistency that you should not use it.

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The Doctors also warn against keeping sunscreen in a bathroom, as the shower can create a hot and steamy environment, which can diminish your sunscreen's effectiveness.


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