Can Doing Chores Improve Your Sex Life?

Playing Can ‘Choreplay’ Help Couples in the Bedroom?

Can doing work around the house help couples in the bedroom? The Doctors discuss "choreplay," which is the exchange of sex for doing chores.

This popular social media trend has some people intrigued and others calling it sexist, but what does our panel think?

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon reveals, "It's worked for me for 34 years," explaining he often cooks dinner for his wife Robyn, with the idea that she'll do something special for him after dinner. But does his wife agree?

"He's really good at choreplay," Robyn tells The Doctors. "It works both ways. You get what you want, and I get what I want," Dr. Ordon says. Robyn says that in addition to her meals, she gets her kitchen cleaned. She adds, "For us, it works."

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The Doctors feel that it might not work for all couples and Dr. Ordon and Robyn say they keep a healthy sense of humor when it comes to the topic.

Will you be doing choreplay at your house?


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