Can This Device Give You 6-Pack Abs and a Sculpted Booty?

Playing Can You Get Abs and a Sculpted Booty from a Device?

The Doctors talk to plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Kinney about a new device that promises abs of steel and a tight tush! Dr. Kinney explains that the machine is a high-frequency electromagnetic field that is as strong as a MRI and emits powerful pulses into the muscles causing contractions.

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Dr. Kinney has two volunteers with him, Kiyra and Norma, who are trying the machine out. Kiyra says she has a flat butt and wants to remedy that “you really can’t tell the difference where my butt starts and my thighs begin.” Norma has it on her stomach, saying that as the mother of twins she has tried everything but still wants those abs!

Before & After Abs
Man's before & after of abs
Stomach before & after

The cost is about $4,000 for four treatments. Dr. Kinney says that in their several hundred treatments they had no problem in the abdomen with pain and no intestinal problems. The biggest side effect is potential muscle soreness. He says the treatment results last 4-6 months and you’ll need maintenance treatments 2-3 times per year.

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains that this is Norma and Kiyra’s first treatment and The Doctors plan to follow their journey and have them back on the show to share their results. The Doctors also bring two audience members into the fold. Anita has looked into a Brazilian Butt Lift but finds it very invasive. She will get to be part of The Doctors “experiment” using the device, as will Gabriel, a long time exerciser who is very frustrated with his abs. 

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