Can the Daniel Diet Bring You Closer to God and Your Weight-Loss Goals?

Playing What Is the Daniel Diet and Does It Work?

Actor Chris Pratt announced on his social media page that he is following the Daniel diet: a 21-day religious cleanse. The diet is based on the prophet Daniel, whose exile from Babylon in the old testament spoke of him forgoing royal foods and eating plant-based, natural foods. 

The Doctors display foods that are part of the diet like seeds, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra notes this diet is catching on and she finds the religious element to the diet fascinating. She adds this diet and spiritual connection is not necessarily new, for example, Hindus and Jews have fasts as part of their religion. 

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork likes the foods this diet promotes because they are high-fiber and allow the body to do it’s own cleanse. They are all vegan, yet even better than veganism, they eliminate processed foods. Dr. Travis says regardless of what way you choose to get healthy, the most important thing is to first eliminate the foods that act as our poison. These foods, which are forbidden on the Daniel diet, include refined highly-processed foods like candy, pasta, and bread, which cause weight gain and inflammation in the body.

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“This is a nice gentle reminder of clean eating, clean thinking, and if you get closer to God, that’s a great added bonus,” Dr. Travis says. Dr. Batra reminds viewers that if you are starting a new diet, run it by your doctor to make sure you are still getting adequate proteins, B12 and other vital nutrients. 

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