Can Crying at Night Help You Lose Weight?

Playing Study Claims Crying at Night Helps you Lose Weight?

Can crying during the night help you lose weight? The Doctors investigate!

We contacted optometrist Dr. Aaron Neufeld who is credited as the author of the study, but he tells us that despite being cited for the claim in multiple news stories, his research had nothing to do with crying and weight loss. He says he actually studied the 3 different types of tears; basal, reflex, and psychic. Dr. Neufeld explains he was incorrectly dubbed the “author of the study,” which incorrectly reported that crying from 7 to 10 PM daily can help someone lose weight. He notes conducting a study like this would be very difficult logistically, and questions if it would even be possible.

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He goes on to explain that psychic tears, which are linked to emotions, have been shown to contain a stress hormone. He shares that some studies have shown this is why one feels better after having a good cry during a stressful period.

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Despite crying not being linked to weight loss, Dr. Neufeld discusses the benefits of crying. He says tears keep the eye healthy, by lubricating the cornea, which can help with good vision. He says reflex tears help environmental conditions like dust or when you come into contact with things like an onion. He also explains crying and crying in front of someone else can help people socially connect.


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