Can Cold Workouts Burn More Calories?

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Playing Does Cold Weather Help to Burn More Calories?

The Doctors address a viewer’s question asking if it is true that you can burn more calories if you workout in the cold?

Dermatologist expert Dr. Sonia Batra shares that there has been some data that suggests exercising in colder temperatures, ideally somewhere between 60 – 62 degrees, could boost the efficiency of the workout. This is due to your body producing more energy to stay warm and workout.

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Psychiatrist expert Dr. Ish Major adds that while your heart is working harder to control your core temperature and you are burning more calories, the body is also kicking out those feel-good endorphins!

Dr. Batra points out that if you are exercising in the cold, you definitely need to warmup, since you may be more prone to injury.

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The Doctors discuss the heated workout trends, saying that those ones are thought to help improve endurance. Dr. Batra sums up the difference, “Cold workouts burn calories, hot workouts build endurance.”