Can Chronic UTIs Be Due to Lactose Intolerance?

Playing Is Lactose Intolerance Linked to Chronic UTIs?

Jackie writes to The Doctors on Facebook asking if her chronic urinary infections could be a result of lactose intolerance. Jackie says she has been lactose intolerant for 25 years and commonly uses dairy substitutes or lactose-free products. 

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says he has never heard of this and defers to gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez. Dr. Rodriguez says this is a rare one. He supposes that because of the diarrhea lactose intolerance may cause, if it splatters or if you don't wipe in the right direction, it might get into the urethra and be associated with urinary tract infections

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Dr. Rodriguez says there is also a chance she may be taking supplements to get calcium and she could be taking too much. People who take too much calcium might be predisposed to getting kidney stones and that may lead to urinary tract infections. However, Dr. Rodriguez says he is stretching here and the correlation is not really 100% or one to one. He suggests Jackie see a doctor to determine the cause of her recurrent urinary tract infections.

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