Can Chewable Vitamin C Destroy Your Teeth? Can Lasers Bring Pain-Free Dentistry?

Playing The Dangers of Chewable Vitamin C

Dentist Chris Strandburg joins The Doctors to talk about possible chewable Vitamin C dangers and dentists using lasers to fill cavities.

Dr. Strandburg shares that the rumors are true -- chewable Vitamin C is bad for your teeth. He explains that Vitamin C is ascorbic acid, which is just as strong as stomach acid! These chewables leave residue on the teeth that soften the enamel which increases the risk of cavities. Dr. Strandburg notes this is even more dangerous in kids because they have softer teeth enamel to begin with.

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So what if you ate a ton of chewables and now need to get your cavities filled? Can you avoid the pain and the dreaded drill and just have your dentist use a laser? Dr. Strandburg says laser are exciting for the future of dentistry but there are still too many limitations with this.

Commonly, old silver fillings will have cavities underneath and will still need to be removed with a traditional drill. Even putting fillings in still requires using air and water on the tooth which causes some pain. While lasers do work in shallow cavities, Dr. Strandburg says you shouldn’t switch to a dentist who has a laser just yet.

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Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra points out that up to 40 million Americans delay or avoid dental treatment out of fear and anxiety. Dr. Strandburg says the best thing to do about this is to voice your fear. “You’d be surprised how compassionate your dentist is.”