Can Car Seat Accessories Be a Danger to Your Child?

Playing Do Child Car Seat Accessories Create More Dangers?

A viewer emails The Doctors warning them about the risk of car seat accessories. She says to be careful when adding them to the baby’s car seat. Do The Doctors agree with this warning? Yes!

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Dr. Jedidiah Ballard explains that if a car seat fails, the manufacturer would be out of business right away. For that reason, companies work very hard to protect their bottom line by having engineers design the seats to be as safe as possible. However, a cheap toy added to the car seat is not helping the situation.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry shares a story about a woman who changed the straps on the car seat to ones with sheepskin pads. When that woman was in a car accident, the sheepskin slid on her daughter’s shirt and caused her to fly out of the car.

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The Doctors all agree that you really don’t want to add extra accessories that haven’t been crash tested. Once the product has been altered the manufacturer is no longer responsible. If you want to add anything, check the manufacturer's website first.