Can Being out in Nature Help with Grief?

Playing Could Nature and Music with Others Help Heal Your Grief?

After a traumatic loss, artist and composer Murray Hidary, the creator of MindTravel, turned to music and mindfulness to help him heal.

The sudden death of his sister sunk Murray into a deep depression and he was unsure how he was going to pull himself out of. He used music as a way to cope. "I started to feel that healing and overwhelming love," he recalls after using music to help him heal and address his pain. 

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He created MindTravel as a way for others dealing with grief to have a personal, yet community-based, experience while being outdoors listening to the same music via headphones. "You immediately go into this intimate individual space, and then you look around and you realize that you are having your own alone moment with so many hundreds and hundreds of people," he says of the experiences, which includes silent hikes, underwater events, museum events and experiences at theaters.

He says these experiences can help with things as traumatic as the death of a loved one and also smaller micro-stressors like issues with career and family life.

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Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho commends the idea of dealing with grief while being active. She says that hiking or walking while being mindful about the grief or stress can be extremely therapeutic and a great method to physically leave things behind while emotionally moving forward. 

"Nobody can solve grief for us... nobody can make it better... but if we can express it [as a group], it provides the solution for healing. We must do it as a community," Murray adds.

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