Can an Attractive Server Impact the Taste of Your Meal?!

Playing Does Your Server Affect How a Meal Tastes?

The Doctors share a study that left them a bit perplexed; it has to do with a server's attractiveness affecting the meal. Turns out, for men, it reportedly made all the difference. 

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A study from the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University found that an attractive female waitress affected the taste of a man's meal for both better or worse. If the food was good, the men were going to rate the meal as more delicious but if the food was bad, the man is going to dislike the food even more! 

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The Doctors try to make sense of these findings; ER physician Dr. Tarvis Stork says maybe it has something to do with men having a heightened sense of awareness when around an attractive woman. The same study found a handsome waiter had no effect on the women's rating of the meal. One more example of the many differences between men and women!

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