Can Alzheimer's Disease be Prevented?

Playing Can Alzheimer’s Be Prevented?

The Doctors continue to examine Alzheimer’s and welcome Dr. Michael Murphy of the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging at the University of Kentucky to discuss whether the disease can be prevented.

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He tells us diet and exercise are "critically important" when it comes to possibly preventing Alzheimer’s. He says being unhealthy over the course of a lifetime can have a major impact on how the brain functions, especially how it works later in life. Dr. Murphy says three of the easiest things to manage that may help prevent the disease are:

  • Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels
  • Not having hypertension
  • Staying mentally and physically active

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The Doctors note that decreasing these risk factors will also help combat heart disease.

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Additionally, Dr. Murphy suggests people should weigh the benefits of taking benzodiazepines against the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, as there is a link bewteen the two and we are unsure why. He says there may be a connection between benzodiazepines and sleep quality, and that Alzheimer’s and poor sleep may be linked.


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