Can a Nasal Bone Spur Cause Migraines?

Playing Woman's Migraines Were Caused by a Nasal Bone Spur?

Kim is one of the 38 million Americans who suffer from migraine headaches, but she underwent a procedure that changed her life and helped rid her of the crippling headaches. The secret to treating her migraine was fixing her nose.

The Doctors first met her in 2016, when she was suffering from headaches that could last up to 4 days. “It feels like a spike driven through the top of my head,” she said at the time, explaining her headaches dictated what she did with her life and stopped her from enjoying things.

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Smith, who operated on Kim, said that often a bone spur in the nose can mimic the symptoms of a migraine and cause chronic pain.

We welcome Kim and Dr. Smith back to the show, 3 years after having surgery, and Kim is pleased to share that she has not had a single migraine since the procedure. “I feel fabulous,” she tells us.

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The Doctors explain Kim had a sharp bone spur that was pressing and digging into the nasal wall and triggered her migraines. Dr. Smith suggests that anyone suffering from migraines should get a CT scan in order to fully understand if an issue in the nose might be responsible.

Learn more about this type of procedure and the work that Dr. Smith is doing.


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