Can a Facelift Help Heal Domestic Abuse Survivor?

Playing Domestic Abuse Survivor Gets Face Lift to Remove Years from Her Face

Elvira is a survivor of domestic abuse and tells The Doctors at the age of 51 she is now "super excited about life," and wants her appearance to match her emotions.

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"I'm finally feeling confident and strong on the inside and ready for the outside to reflect the inside," she says, explaining she is not pleased with her sagging jowls and double chin. "I feel like removing these areas of my face would be like removing the dark chapters of my life."

To help Elvira, we have called on dermatologist Dr. Anna Guanche, who is performing a filler facelift on her, which Dr. Guanche says can be done in just 15 minutes through a series of injections. She explains adding volume to key areas of the face will help to "redrape" the skin. Also, there is no downtime and no visible injection sites with this procedure. Dr. Guanche injects Elvira with hyaluronic acid and says the treatment will last anywhere from 9 months to 1 year.

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Dr. Guanche says people who are experiencing a loosening of the skin in the jowls or neck area can be great candidates for this treatment.  See the results of Elvira's filler facelift in the video below!


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