Can a Dandelion Drink Replace Your Coffee?

Playing Caffeine-Free Coffee Alternative?

Could a dandelion-based drink be the perfect swap for your coffee or favorite caffeinated beverage?

The Doctors test out the new drink, Dandy Blend, which claims it will not give you the dreaded caffeine withdrawal symptoms like headaches and jitters. We put it to the test with 3 coffee lovers.

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Emily, who drinks 16 to 24 ounces of coffee every day, says she was not the biggest fan of the drink and would not go out of her way for it. She also felt like she missed the energy boost she usually feels when she drinks coffee. She did note that she enjoyed the taste.

Amanda, who drinks 16 to 40 ounces of coffee a day, was skeptical at first, but after she added creamer to the Dandy Blend, she says she enjoyed it and said it tasted similar to coffee.

Daniel, who drinks up 48 ounces a day, says though it had a slightly bitter aftertaste, he felt the drink "pretty good" and did not feel there was a major difference between it and traditional coffee.

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The Doctors taste it and say it the drink tastes very similar to coffee and they suggest enjoying this drink in the evening as a possible coffee alternative.

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