Buzz or Bust: A Sun Protection Mask, CBD Coffee and a Period Sex Blanket!

Playing Would You Wear a Sun Protective Mask?

Are they robbing a bank? Nope, they’re just trying to protect their faces from the sun! According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, sun protection clothing is the number one effective form of sun protection. The Doctors try on sun protective masks and plastic surgeon expert Dr. Andrew Ordon gives it a buzz! 

While the look may scare some, he acknowledges that sun protection is so important since we know the sun can cause skin cancer, and it’s the single biggest thing that’s going to age the skin. 

Watch: Blend-In Sunscreen Drops - Buzz or Bust?

OB/GYN expert Dr. Nita Landry says, “From a cultural standpoint, this needs some media coverage before you wear this! You can’t just show up.” ER physician expert Dr. Travis Stork wants to highlight that while the concept is a buzz, he did find fault with the images of the product. The models are not wearing sunglasses to protect from UV sun rays and their lips and bodies are also exposed to the sun. He worries that some people might just wear the mask to protect their faces from aging but aren’t truly worried about overall protection against skin cancer. 

The Doctors then sip on some iced coffee with CBD added to it. CBD is the non-psychoactive component of marijuana, and it’s popping up all over Los Angeles. Dr. Travis explains for a few extra dollars customers can get four drops of water-soluble CBD added to their coffee. CBD is said to have a calming effect. So, do you want this in your coffee?

The Doctors give it a bust, mainly, Dr. Travis says, because of the price. The CBD iced coffee is $7.25. Dr. Ordon explains the idea behind this may be like a yin and yang. Coffee makes some people jittery so the CBD may cut that. Dr. Nita makes the point, “In the morning when you wake up, you drink coffee because you want a stimulant, not because you want to be relaxed.” 

There’s one more product to weigh in on -- a period sex blanket designed for sex during that time of the month! She shows the blanket off, which has satin on one side and cotton on the other, and the four-layered blanket claims to soak up the blood. Dr. Nita says this is a bust. The blanket is expensive!

Dr. Nita says she does want to support the period sex community and shares that up to one-third of people do have period sex! She says women enjoy it because there is a flow of hormones, blood flow, their libidos may be higher, orgasms may be more intense, and when you orgasm the endorphins released could help with menstrual cramps. Additionally, when the uterus contracts during an orgasm, it pushes the inside lining out more which might be able to make your periods shorter. Dr. Travis declares period sex a buzz!