Buzz or Bust: Aftershave as a Makeup Primer? Probiotic Toothpaste?

Bottle of men's aftershave
Bottle of men's aftershave

The Doctors are back to sift through the many new health products and internet trends to let you know what is a buzz and what is a bust! Dermatologist expert Dr. Sonia Batra shares that the internet is raving about using men’s aftershave balm as a less expensive substitute for makeup primer. She explains this makes sense because the product is heavy in glycerin, which absorbs water and its stickiness will keep makeup in place. However, Dr. Batra says it’s a bust.

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Dr. Batra says her concern is for those who have acne or are prone to breakouts, this product is occlusive meaning it will sit on the skin and block the pores. She does qualify if you have dry skin, then using this aftershave as a primer may be fine. She adds the particular aftershave that has gone viral contains propylene glycol, a preservative that dermatologists hate because it’s a common irritant in many cosmetic products. 

ER physician expert Dr. Travis is all for discovering what probiotics may work for getting good bacteria into your gut which may make you leaner and also healthier so when he hears about probiotic toothpaste, he gives it a buzz. However, he says he isn’t switching his toothpaste just yet.

Dr. Travis’ hesitation is that right now there is not enough scientific evidence about the best ways to preserve probiotics and which ones are ideal for the oral microbiome. He does say this product makes sense because we want to eliminate bad bacteria to create good oral hygiene as well as replenish the good bacteria.

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Right now, Dr. Travis says the best thing you can do is eat foods that are high in fiber and foods that contain probiotics. He always warns viewers not to overuse antimicrobial mouthwashes because if killing off bacteria multiple times a day, it may be wiping out the good bacteria. Dr. Batra adds there have even been findings of people who excessively use these mouthwashes having higher rates of inflammation in the colon. There are findings that if you start to disrupt the healthy balance of all your good bacteria it may predispose you to disease.

It’s all about balance. Dr. Travis cautions everyone not to do overdo it in all areas such as overbrushing or overusing mouthwash. “Balance is boring but balance is good health,” Dr. Travis concludes.

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