Bronzed and Flawless Skin in Just Minutes?

Playing Put It To the Test: Flawless Bronzed Skin in Minutes?

Can you get glowing, bronzed skin that looks flawless in mere minutes? The Doctors test out the Westmore Beauty Body Coverage Perfector, a product that is popular on social media to find out if it lives up to all the hype!

Jasmine, who says she has not worn shorts in years, tells us she had “great” results with the product.

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Nikki tells us she was trying to cover her varicose veins and a few scars and says she was not successful at fully covering the veins but was “happy” with how the coverage worked on her scars.

Nicole says she was “overall very happy” with the coverage, but said some of the bruises on her legs were still visible. She says she plans on using the product again.

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The women suggest applying the product while nude (or clothes you don't mind getting the product on) and allowing time for it to dry as they encountered some transfer to their clothes.

The Doctors note that this body coverage product is formulated for use on the body and not the face.