Britney Spears' Favorite Dinner Revealed!

Playing Actor Sam Asghari Cooks Girlfriend Britney Spears’ Favorite Meal

Wondering what Britney Spears loves to eat at home? The Doctors have the answer thanks to the pop star's boyfriend Sam Asghari.

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During the actor's visit, he shared that one of Brit's favorite things to eat is his "Peachy Steak," which uses a filet, vegetables and fresh peaches, something he likes to use because of their taste and sweet smell.

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The actor has some advice for men thinking about making a meal for their partner, "Gentlemen if you want some props, definitely cook for your girl." In addition to cooking for Britney, Sam shares they also spend time together breaking a sweat, adding, "I think couples should definitely workout together... it's fun, you can inspire each other. [Britney] inspires me on a daily basis when she works out."

Sam also revealed why he often refers to Britney as "lioness" on social media, saying he was inspired to give her the nickname watching numerous nature documentaries. "The female lion inspires the male lion [and] a lioness is a strong, strong animal," he tells The Doctors of his nickname for his girlfriend.

Elevate your next steak dinner with Sam Asghari’s Peachy Steak recipe


  • Filet steak
  • Asparagus
  • Grass-fed organic butter
  • Peaches


  1. Place pan on stove and heat thoroughly.
  2. Once the pan is hot, add organic butter and filet steak.
  3. Cook steak to medium rare temperature until the ends are crispy and pink on the inside.
  4. Clean asparagus and add to the pan. Cook until crispy.
  5. Add salt and pepper. Add half peaches and butter on top of the steak. Let cook until fully cooked and ready to eat.


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