Bride Fears Extreme Scoliosis Could Stop Her from Walking down the Aisle

Playing Extreme Scoliosis Could Keep Bride from Walking Down the Aisle

Elizabeth’s scoliosis is so extreme that she is unable to work, exercise or stand for more than just a few minutes. She is also about to get married and fears her curved spine will prevent her from walking down the aisle and possibly make having children difficult.

She tells us she has she seen a chiropractor almost every day and has tried yoga, Pilates, pain medications, injections, and physical therapy – but her pain has only continued to increase. She has been told that surgery is the only option to treat her scoliosis.

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The Doctors send Elizabeth to see orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Hooman Melamed to asses her scoliosis. He determines the only way to fix her scoliosis is with surgery, where both curves of her spine would be addressed. He tells Elizabeth the new advances in spine surgery can make the procedure easier on her body. Elizabeth says being able to stand up at her wedding and look her husband-to-be in the eye would “mean everything.”

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Dr. Melamed is happy to surprise Elizabeth with the offer to perform the surgery at no cost to her.

An elated and emotional Elizabeth thanks Dr. Melamed for his offer and reveals the one reason she feared having the surgery was the financial cost.