Breast Milk Delivered by Women’s Motorcycle Club!

Playing Manhattan Women’s Motorcycle Club Delivers Breast Milk?

The Doctors are joined by Jen from the Sirens Women's Motorcycle Club in New York City, an all-female motorcycle club that delivers donated breastmilk to hospitals and new moms.

She explains that breastmilk delivery and motorcycles might not seem like a natural fit, but due to traffic in the city, and the need to get breast milk delivered quickly, the club helps get breastmilk to those who need it the most.

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“It takes a set of steel ovaries to ride in The Big Apple,” Jen tells The Doctors

Dr. Nita explains this service helps so many needy children like premature babies, adopted and foster kids, surrogate babies, sick babies, babies whose moms are unable to produce enough breast milk, and LGBTQ families. She also explains milk in these types of programs is inspected, pasteurized and homogenized to ensure it is safe.

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She also notes that babies who can drink breast milk instead of formula have stronger immune systems, less gastrointestinal issues, and fewer colds. 

The Doctors applaud the amazing work the Sirens are doing to help families and babies in need.


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