Breast Cancer Survivor Turned Hometown Hero

Playing The Breast Cancer Survivor Who Helps Kids in Need Do Their Hair

The Doctors talk to Tracy about how she’s added “student stylist” to her resume. Tracy has been a bus driver for nearly a decade. About 7 years ago, Tracy was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a mother of four children, she was worried about all the little things she may not be able to do for her kids. One of the worries was “Who is going to do their hair?”

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A little girl on Tracy’s bus, Isabella, had lost her mother. Tracy noticed that Isabella would come to school with her hair undone and she had wanted to reach out to help her. Then, Tracy says a friend of Isabella’s asked Tracy for help with her hair. This gave Isabella the courage to ask for help for her own hair.

Now, Tracy says she does the girls' hair every day. Tracy wanted to help this little girl because she feared she would go on to junior high and possibly be bullied. Chiropractor Dr. Bryan Abasolo commends her and shares that bullying is a concern. He says that 1 in every 5 children gets bullied and only about 20% actually report it to adults. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon calls Tracy the “Bully-buster!”

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As a thank you to Tracy for giving so much to others, The Doctors gift her with a one-year subscription to Soothe massage on demand.