Breast Cancer Surgeon Becomes Breast Cancer Patient

Playing Breast Cancer Surgeon Discovers Her Own Breast Cancer

It’s something she deals with every day but breast cancer surgeon Dr. Anne Peled never thought that at only 37-years-old, she would be diagnosed with the disease she treats. She found a lump in her breast and assuming it was a cyst or something normal, she gave it two weeks. When it persisted, she took her own advice and got it checked out. The call from the pathologist revealed that it was invasive breast cancer.

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Dr. Peled received great information from an Oncotype test, which told her that her cancer wasn’t extremely aggressive, and it allowed her to avoid chemotherapy. She received a lumpectomy and reconstruction followed by radiation and is now six-months cancer free. 

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Dr. Peled says this experience has changed how she relates to her patients. Her “fantastic surgical team” let her get back on her bike a week later, and she used a recovery system called PREVENA, which helped her heal faster. Now for her patients, she tries to do the same thing. She says she connects with her patients more, having an understanding of what it’s like to be told “you have breast cancer,” and she adds the silver lining is it makes her job a lot more rewarding.

It’s important for women over 40, or even younger if high-risk, to get breast cancer screenings every year.

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