This Bodybuilder Doesn’t Let His MS Stop Him!

Playing The Bodybuilder with MS Who Defied the Odds

Chris is someone who shows extreme strength in the face of a debilitating disease. Chris was always an athlete and in 2008 he started bodybuilding. One day, the entire right side of his body locked up and he had double vision. He drove to the VA, had every test imaginable, and was told he had MS. 

MS is a chronic illness and Chris says when he found out it could kill him, he was scared, but couldn’t believe it. He has two young sons. Chris’ wife Whitney says, “He is their real-life superhero.” 

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Chris’ symptoms progressed and he had multiple, painful seizures every single day. He wanted to give up but luckily, his doctor prescribed him new medications which made a huge difference. His vision started to return and the seizures were less frequent. Chris remembers saying to himself, “I’m gonna beat this.”

When Chris got out of the hospital he was 275 pounds. He decided to clean up his diet and get back to the gym. After seven months of hard training, he did his first bodybuilding show. “Once on stage, there wasn’t even a doubt that I was gonna win,” shares Chris. He says he had this sense of confidence because it all means so much more now. 

Chris shares with The Doctors that after his final seizures and eight months in the hospital, he just said, “That’s enough!” While every day isn’t always a good one, Chris says it’s just looking at his kids that picks him back up. 

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Chris also shares how much Whitney supported him. Literally. When Chris was having 10 to 15 seizures per day, he would feel them coming and let Whitney know. He would then drape his body over her shoulders and she would hold him up. Whitney today shares how excited she is to see where his bodybuilding career goes but more importantly, to watch their boys grow into young men and follow in his footsteps.

Chris’ advice? You have to put your goals in your mind first. Once it’s there, your body will follow. You can’t just say it, you have to live it, every single day. Chris says he often wakes up in pain and it’s not motivation that keeps him going. It’s consistency and discipline. Dr. Bryan Abasolo aka Dr. Abs adds how important a support system, like his wife Whitney, is. Chris definitely agrees.

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