Blue Spirulina Extract: Buzz or Bust?

Playing Is Blue Spirulina the Newest Food Must-Have?

The Doctors give blue spirulina extract, a health trend that’s been popping up all over the place, a try. People are adding this extract to smoothies, bowls and lattes.

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The Doctors sip on smoothies with the added extract and although The Doctors say you can’t really taste the spirulina, Dr. Travis calls this trend a bust because it is so expensive! Some brands are $62 for 50g of powder. And, plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says it smells like fish food!

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Another hot trend? Singer Selena Gomez recently posted a photo of herself on social media wearing ankle weights at Disneyland, and the internet is touting it as a genius fitness tip. But do The Doctors agree? find out below.