Beware the Rise of the Bridezilla!

Playing Is Social Media to Blame for Unruly Brides and Grooms?

The Doctors discuss two surveys pointing to the prominence of “bridezillas”! The first found that the majority of brides say Instagram-worthy hair and makeup are more important than the wedding vows. The second, a survey by WE tv, listed these as the top five cities bridezilla behavior is most prominent: New York City, San Francisco, Detroit, Houston and Tampa (with NYC being the worst). 

“This is sad. This is a real sad state of affairs. Marriage is a big deal. It is all about who’s there celebrating with you, exchanging your vows, making those vows important, not the pictures and posting and who you’re trying to impress,” comments plastic surgeon expert Dr. Andrew Ordon

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Dermatologist expert Dr. Sonia Batra points to social media and things like the hashtags #sweatinfortheweddding and #bridebod that are all about showing other people what you’re doing, and not about looking and feeling your best for yourself and your spouse on that special day. 

The Doctors discuss how often brides are micromanaging everything for the day of the wedding. Dr. Batra shares that at a recent wedding she attended, the couple asked people to not post photos without their approval, which she says goes to the point about micromanaging and wanting to control what story you present to the world on social media. 

ER physician expert Dr. Travis Stork gets nostalgic about when wedding photos were taken prior to the wedding and that was it, but now, everyone is a photographer. “I would say let’s just leave the phones in our pockets or our purses.”

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Dr. Travis shares one more survey that found in Los Angeles, 42% of brides had some mama drama! There’s a lot of pressure out there but Dr. Ordon reminds people it’s not a competition! “It’s about what you feel in your heart.” Take it from Dr. Ordon, he just celebrated 33-years of marriage with his wife this past summer!