Beware of Free Hernia Screenings!

Playing Are Free Hernia Screenings a Scam?

The Doctors are issuing a warning about hospitals offering free hernia screenings.

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The panel explains some hospitals are advertising no-cost checks for hernias, with some locations even offering prizes, but are these tests even needed or simply a ploy to get people in the front door of the facility?

The panel notes many people have umbilical belly button hernias, which are asymptomatic and do not usually require surgery. They say a routine screening might end up scaring someone into the possibility of having an unnecessary procedure.

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The Doctors note that if you a hernia it is important to understand what your options are and they recommend seeking out a second opinion before having elective surgery, especially if it is identified during a free screening. 

Another thing to watch out for is someone offering you a free DNA test! Find out more below about this latest possible health scam.


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