Better Health through Diaphragmatic Breathing?

Playing Diaphragmatic Breathing’s Hidden Health Secrets

Is the way you breathe not helping your health?

Celebrity voice coach Roger Love shares with The Doctors how diaphragmatic breathing may help to calm your body and positively affect your health, and it's possible in just seconds.

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The voice coach suggests instead of "gulping" in air through the mouth and then speaking, to instead, breathe in through your nose as if your stomach is a balloon and slowly exhale as you speak.

Roger explains this type of diaphragmatic breathing can help to keep your pulse at a steady rate or even slow down your heart rate, which may help you feel more calm and relaxed.

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The Doctors share a simple breathing technique, the "4X4," which involves breathing in for 4 seconds and then exhaling for 4 seconds. They recommend doing this in sets of 4, to ease stress levels.

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