Best Workout after Having a Baby

Playing Trainer Simone De La Rue Helps New Moms Workout after Giving Birth

Looking to build a healthy body after having a baby? The Doctors are joined by celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue, who shares workout tips with three post-natal moms.

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New moms Deanna, Mayra and Johnetta meet Simone to learn how to regain strength, increase energy levels, workout safely after giving birth and also flatten the stomach. Simone's exercise suggestions include:

Belly breathing and killer Kegels: She says this breathing and muscle exercise is a safe exercise that can occur right after giving birth.

Cardio squat steps: Simone explains this a great exercise to do when you're holding your baby for added weight.

Lunge low down: This lateral lunge move, combined with a hop, will help workout the legs.

The static bear: This exercise is a gentle way to build upper body strength.

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"Every woman's birth story is different, however, we all have the same goals: workout in a timely manner, do it safely, and feel healthy in your own body," Simone who also recently had a baby, shares. She stresses the importance of taking things slow after giving birth and allowing your abdominal wall plenty of time to heal.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry notes that after giving birth, the body can be more prone to aches and injuries due to raised hormone levels. She suggests new moms modify their workout to prevent any exercise-related injuries. Simone recommends starting with low-impact cardio when starting your workout regime back up.