Is This Is The Best Time to Have Sex?!

Playing Is Afternoon the Best Time for Sex?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Doctors discuss one sexpert’s claim that ten days after a woman ovulates, in the mid-afternoon, is the best time for emotionally satisfying sex. The expert attributes it to the hormone estrogen. 

Plastic surgeon expert Dr. Andrew Ordon wants to qualify that testosterone gives us that sexual urge but the estrogen component, for men and women, makes us more emotionally ready for sex

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Psychotherapist expert Dr. Mike Dow points out that other studies have shown that the best time is actually before or during ovulation. He says in one study, men were asked to rate how attractive they found a group of women’s faces, and they actually picked the women who were most fertile during that time of the month! This could show nature is wiring us to procreate!

Dr. Dow weighs in on this sexpert’s claim saying he thinks she’s targeting just one hormone when we know it’s “a complex symphony.” He says most data points to when a woman is most fertile, not after. He says women on the pill don’t experience an increase in libido. Single women are more likely than those in a relationship to notice their libido increasing. It’s almost like nature is trying to get people to pair up! 

The Doctors all seem to agree whatever time works best for you and your partner is the time to do it. Some folks, however, would give it up altogether if it meant more closet space! The Doctors share a recent survey in which over 1,000 men and women were asked if they would give up sex for 6 months in order to have more closet space and nearly 50% said they would!

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The Doctors discuss how clutter and being unorganized can actually lead to more stress and anxiety so maybe the cleaner the closet, the better the sex! Just how big a closet are we talking about? The Doctors show an image of the biggest closet in the U.S. which is three-stories high! 

ER physician expert Dr. Travis Stork says “if you build it you will fill it,” believing that if the closet gets bigger, there will be more stuff to fill it and eventually the mess and stress will return. “I think… stick with the sex!” Apparently, people really want more closet space though. The survey also reported that people would take a 20% pay cut if they could have a bigger closet.