Bed Head: How to Avoid It!

Playing Tips to Prevent Bed Head!

Are you plagued by messy hair first thing in the morning? The Doctors call on celebrity stylist Jonathan Antin, who shares his tips on transforming from bed head to sleeping beauty.

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The stylist to the stars suggests the following:

Get a perfect haircut: He says the baseline of the back of the hair needs to be cut perfectly. "If you have a perfect haircut, you will wake up in the morning with fabulous hair," he tells us.

Use a flat or curling iron just before bed: Jonathan says after doing this you can wake up in the morning and run your hands through it for a simple and great look.

Braid your hair: He suggests in the morning to take out the braids, brush through your hair and you will be ready to go.

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"If you follow some of these simple tips, you can turn your bad morning hair-don't into a great hairdo all day long," he adds.