Back to School: 'Better for You' Snacking

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Playing Back to School Snacking

Snacking is one of America’s favorite pastimes and studies show that children snack at least 2 to 3 times a day.

Viewer Catherine wants to make sure her kids are snacking on the right thing and The Doctors welcome health expert, Dr. Alexandra Sowa, who specializes in nutrition, obesity and preventative medicine, to share some advice with this mom.

She explains that snacking can be a great opportunity to make sure that your kids are meeting their nutritional and energy needs throughout the day.

So what can parents and kids enjoy as a healthy snack option?

"As a busy mom, one snack I always like to have on hand is pretzels. They are great alone, but I also love to use them as a way to introduce new foods and flavors to my kids, [such as] pairing them with vegetable-based dips, bean spreads or serving them alongside some veggies," she says. "I specifically like Snyder’s of Hanover, because they make their pretzels in a peanut-free facility and make a gluten-free option, which is very important for families with certain restrictions."

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