Baby Safety Tips Every Parent Must Know

Playing Infant Sleeping Dangers Every Parent Must Know

The Doctors have some extremely useful advice for new parents. OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry reminds viewers this information is not to scare you but rather, “knowledge is power and we are empowering you.”

As a new parent, you’ve probably read up on sleep safety and know that your child’s sleep environment is important for their safety, especially to prevent SIDS. The Doctors share three common mistakes that parents, or more often, a babysitter or someone else watching your child, may make. 

Parents often mean well when they purchase infant head support for their newborn’s car seat, but certified child safety technician Jennifer Beall Saxton shares the possible dangers with this. 

Jennifer warns parents to avoid car seat attachments as well as giving your child certain toys and objects while driving. Doing so could save their lives in an accident.

Baby bottle tooth decay can occur if you give your child drinks juice around naptime or bedtime. Dentist Dr. Sake Karakozian explains.

The Doctors share the tragic story of a mother’s pain patch coming into contact with their 15-month-old baby while co-sleeping, administering a fatal dose of fentanyl to the baby. This horrible story is a warning to any parent who may use a pain patch while co-sleeping.

On a lighter note, check out this mom’s social media account which finds humor in all the “joys” of motherhood!

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