Avoid These Foods When You Are Depressed

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If you are feeling depressed there are foods that you may want to avoid because they could be making your mood even worse.

CNN Health reports there are 5 foods you should try to not eat if you are dealing with depression and notes these indulgent foods may even intensify an existing depressive episode.

Alcohol: A drink, a glass of wine, or a beer might seem like a good idea after a hard day, but CNN Health notes alcohol is a depressant and while it "might make you feel happier and more confident at first, but eventually alcohol disrupts the chemical balance in your brain even further, causing feelings of depression, sadness, anxiety, or anger." Additionally, excessive drinking has been shown to make depressed people feel even worse.

Sugary foods and snacks: Sugary foods can cause someone's blood sugar to spike and the subsequent crash can lead to feeling tired, irritable, and possibly even feeling depressed. CNN writes, "insulin dysregulation might be implicated in the depression-and-overeating cycle." Instead of sugary foods, CNN suggests eating whole fruits instead of items like cookies or ice cream if you are feeling down.

Fast and processed foods: CNN reports there is a link between eating higher amounts of processed foods and fast foods and an increased risk for developing depression when compared to eating healthier foods on a regular basis. Instead of packaged foods, processed meats, and refined grains, CNN suggests eating more whole grains and fresh produce.

Saturated and trans fats: Trans fats may exacerbate a depressive episode in someone and can potentially promote inflammation in the body, CNN notes. Foods to eat in moderation or avoid include red meat, full-fat dairy foods, butter, and tropical oils like coconut oil.

Soda and sugary beverages: Sugary drinks like soda can reportedly "promote systemic (body-wide) inflammation" and CNN writes, "Systemic inflammation negatively affects the brain’s ability to function effectively, including its ability to cope with stress and depressive symptoms." CNN suggests drinking a sugar-free version, coffee, or tea (in moderation of course) instead of regular soda.

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