Author of 'Genius Foods' Shares His Top 3 Foods for Brain Health

Playing Does Food Affect Your Brain’s Health?

The Doctors are joined by nutrition trends expert and author of "Genius Foods," Max Lugavere, to talk top foods for brain health. Max did his due diligence and combed through research to find which foods have a strong chance of supplying your brain with the nutrients it needs. Max lists ten brain-protecting foods in his book and today discusses his top three favorites:

1. Dark Leafy Greens
Research out of Rush University found that people who ate a bowl of these every day had brains that on scans looked up to 11 years younger.

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2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This is a staple of the Mediterranean diet which has been associated with bigger and healthier brains.

3. Egg Yolk
Max calls this nature’s multivitamin. It contains everything nature has deemed important for the brain.

Max uses these three items in his simple "cheesy no cheese eggs" and sautéed greens. 

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Max continues to share some toxic foods to avoid:

1. Refined Processed Foods.
The vast majority of bread today causes insulin levels in the body to elevate because the wheat has been pulverized down to dust. 

2. Industrial Grain and Seed Oils.
The best oil according to Max is extra virgin olive oil, and these highly-refined oils like corn and soybean are the worst.

As a guiding principle, Max says, “Nature doesn’t create unhealthy fats, humans do.”

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