Attention Men: Using Apple Cider Vinegar ‘Down There’ Will Not Enhance Your Manhood!

Apple Cider Vinegar

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

If you are a man concerned about the size of manhood, The Doctors stress that applying any type of liquid or taking a supplement is not going to change it!

HuffPo reports about the rise of online ads claiming apple cider vinegar supplements will lead to improvements in testosterone levels, penis size, sexual stamina, and fix erectile dysfunction -- none of which are true.

Angus Barge, the founder of the erectile dysfunction website Mojo, tells HuffPo, “Step away from the apple cider bottle... many men are drawn to seemingly simple home remedies because it feels like there is something natural and wholesome about them." Adding, "However there is no evidence that it will get you harder or larger. It is thought that this old folktale originates from the fact that apple cider vinegar can be good for your cardiac health and blood flow."

In addition to zero scientific or medical evidence to back up these claims, sex expert Ruby Payne warns using apple cider vinegar on your genitals could lead to pain, skin issues, and possibly an infection.

“Sometimes I can’t believe I have to say these things, but there is absolutely no evidence (and I really mean NO evidence) that apple cider vinegar will do anything to help your penis grow bigger,” she tells HuffPo. "Not only will it sting like hell – especially if you shove it up your bum – it could actually burn where you have applied it. Damage to your skin can lead to infection, and nobody wants an infection down there.”

Beyond online apple cider supplement ads, the experts warn against believing any claim suggesting a product is going to change the size of a penis.

"There's no miracle cure out there and any ads are just snake oil or placebos,” the sex expert says. “There’s no permanent way to extend the size of your penis. Penis extenders and penis pumps can work temporarily – mainly by causing the penis to swell due to negative pressure – but those effects will wear off."

The sex expert shares her advice for the men out there feeling like they don't stack up down there, urging, "Learn to love the penis you were born with. As the saying goes, it’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean."

And while we're on the subject of things men and women should think twice about using "down there" -- find out what The Doctors have to say about using deodorant, boric acid, DIY hair lightening treatments, glitter, worms, hydrogen peroxide, healing crystals, vapor rub, and mouthwash below the belt!

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Playing Why Using Mouthwash ‘Down There’ Is NEVER a Good Idea!

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