At-Home Hair Removal Tips, Tricks and Hacks


With stay-at-home orders going into their third month for most of the country and non-essential businesses still closed, people's usual beauty regimens have been disrupted and things are getting hairy -- literally!

In order to help keep your body hair at bay, we share tips from HuffPo for at-home hair removal tips, tricks, hacks, and the products needed to make the best of a -- most likely -- unruly situation.

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Slow the Growth and Hide the Excess Hair

While treatments like waxing and sugaring are thought to slow hair growth over time, some experts suggest letting hair -- like eyebrows -- grow to their fullest until you can get back to the salon. Instead of plucking, tweezing, or waxing, try using a full-coverage concealer on the new growth and enhance the shape with a microlining brow pencil

Shave Sparingly and Just the Essential Areas

If you just can't handle waiting until you get to your next waxing appointment, and you've decided to shave, the experts say a new razor is key, along with exfoliating before you shave. Also, a product with glycolic and salicylic acids can help prevent ingrown hairs

Tweeze the Eyebrows, but Take It Slow

The beauty experts say shaping the brows is fine but they warn against going too extreme. (The Doctors note the quickest way to damage your eyebrows is over-tweezing) Always use tweezers with a slanted tip and to help keep stray hairs in place, try a clear brow gel.

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