Asking This Question at the Pharmacy Could Save You Tons of Money!

Playing Can You Save Money Paying Cash for Prescriptions?

The Doctors share that more than half of US adults regularly take prescription medications. We assume the best deals are through our insurance but turns out, you could save money by paying in cash. OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry shares that there is a gag clause where a pharmacist can’t say if you pay in cash it’s going to be cheaper, but if you ask, they can tell you.

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Dr. Landry explains there are pharmacy benefit managers who come up with the amount a person is going to pay depending on their insurance plan. There are three pharmacy benefit manager companies that control 80% of the market. “They are literally making billions of dollars... ripping people off!” Dr. Landry exclaims. Dr. Jedidiah Ballard adds that they are increasing the US healthcare cost because people are coming to the ER because they can’t afford to pay for their long-term medicines and stay healthy.

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Dr. Landry notes that if you pay in cash, it won’t go towards your deductible, but it can save you up to $30 per prescription. Dr. Ballard suggests as another way to save money, do a quick online search for the pharmacy with the best price in your neighborhood before picking up your prescription.