Are Your Kitchen Towels a Danger to Your Health?!

Playing Are Dish Towels The Germiest Item in The House?

What room has more germs, the bathroom or the kitchen? If you said the kitchen, you’d be correct. One of the dirtiest items in there could be your kitchen towels. The Doctors share a recent study out of the University of Mauritius suggesting that dish towels may be the culprit that led to some cases of food poisoning. They tested 100 towels after months of use and found bacterial growth on 49 of them!

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Ten of The Doctors staffers did their own dish towel test and every towel came back with bacterial growth on it! Four out of ten of them had E. coli as well as a bacteria that is also found in fecal matter! ER physician Dr. Travis Stork points out that you don’t want a sterile home; there are lots of good bacteria that exist all around us. However, the bacteria found on those dish towels can make you sick. 

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While it may be expensive and not great for the environment, paper towels are one way to avoid this problem. The Doctors suggest having replacement towels ready so that you can wash others frequently, as well as having separate towels for hand washing. 

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