Are You Unknowingly Making These Three Cleaning Mistakes?!

Gloved hands using a spray and rag to clean a kitchen counter
Gloved hands using a spray and rag to clean a kitchen counter

Before you start scrubbing, you need to know these three common cleaning mistakes that may be making your house even germier than to begin with!

Mistake #1: Not Cleaning Your Mattress
You likely clean your sheets, but did you know your mattress may be a potential breeding ground for fungal growth as well as dust mites? This can cause an even greater issue for allergy and asthma suffers.
Fix it: Purchase a mattress cover to seal the mattress and then wash the cover once a month. 

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Mistake #2: Spraying Cleaner Directly on Surfaces
Spraying cleaner directly onto your surfaces you intend to clean can cause product buildup as well as attract dirt and dust!
Fix it: Spray cleaner onto the rag you are using to clean with. An added bonus is that you will likely end up using less product which can save you some money!

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Mistake #3: You Don’t Disinfect Your Cutting Board
The average cutting board has 200% more fecal matter than a toilet seat! 
Fix it: Occasionally wash your cutting board with more than just soap and water. You can spray it with 5% vinegar and leave it overnight or disinfect it with alcohol and rinse it off the next morning. This is especially important for wooden boards, which you are less likely than plastic ones to place in the dishwasher.

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