Are You Self-Sabotaging Your Relationships?

Playing Are You Self-Sabotaging Your Relationships?

The Doctors are joined by psychiatrist Dr. Ish Major to answer a viewer's question on relationships. The woman sends a video explaining that she has recently been starting a bunch of new relationships which she gets really excited about in the beginning, but then, she finds the men quickly repulse her! She asks, "Is it the men or me?"

Dr. Ish says the short answer is, "The problem is you!" He says this is obviously a defense mechanism and she needs to examine why she does this. She says it's the men but Dr. Ish explains what may be in the background is her not truly being ready to commit.

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OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry tries to offer an alternative; maybe she just keeps picking the wrong guy over and over again. Dr. Ish says yes, some women do this, but to the point of repulsion? No. He thinks many men act this way as well. "They always want to turn the page without fixing the problem... but the thing that is consistent in every relationship is you," Dr. Ish explains.

Dr. Ish says this woman needs to fix the problem by pulling herself out of the dating pool for a while and she should instead focus on figuring out what she needs and wants from these relationships. She has to consider what a long-term committed relationship means for her life and examine what she is willing to change for love.

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The Doctors then discuss the initial excitement and hormonal effects of first falling in love. They explain this level of euphoria is not sustainable and it's important to work at a relationship and figure out ways to stay connected.

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