Are You a Puppy Poopetrator? You Could Face Big Fines!

Playing DNA Used to Identify Dog Poop Not Picked Up?

The Doctors are joined by fellow dog-lover and co-host of the show “Face The Truth,” Judge Mary Chrzanowski, to discuss a new trend in punishing "poopertrators" – those people who do not pick up after their pups!

Some property managers are now requiring pet owners to get their dogs DNA tested so if they don’t pick up the dog’s poop, the building can issue them a fine! This is being done in apartment complexes in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Judge Mary saw it first hand when she looked at a complex in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

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The apartment owners keep a database of everyone who lives in the complex and if dog poop is found on the grounds with matching DNA to one of the dogs living there, the owner can face fines anywhere from $250-400! 

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork thinks people should pay a fine for this and Dr. Batra agrees, adding, that not only is it a smelly inconvenience, but there are also health risks with the number of bacteria that is in feces

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Dr. Batra says this is a big business! There was a startup company that made seven million dollars last year on typing this type of dog DNA and matching it to the poop. This trend is expected to grow. Dog owners, you’ve been warned!

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