Are You Guilty of Letting Social Media Control You?

Playing What Is IG-Itis and Do You Suffer from It?

Is your excessive use of Instagram actually a disease? Some studies suggest this particular social platform is the most harmful to our mental health.

The Doctors discuss “IG Disease” or “IG-itus” -- when using the photo-sharing app too often begins to negatively affect your life and mental wellbeing -- and discuss and if it is possible to protect yourself from getting too sucked into “the gram.” Dr. Travis worries about the amount of time most people spend perfecting each shot before posting and then the subsequent obsessing about the number of likes the post gets.

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Travel blogger Kashlee says Instagram nearly destroyed her life. She reveals she was spending up to 6 hours a day on the social media platform and it became “very depressing.”

“It wasn’t fun anymore. I started using it to compare my life to other people’s and I never felt [like mine] was enough because of that,” she explains. She also shares she would spend hours staging the perfect shot and in the process waste an entire table of food. She adds, “I stopped seeing things for how they were, and started seeing things for if I could only make them good content for Instagram.

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To help with the stress and all-consuming elements of the social media platform, Kashlee shares she has taken steps to cut down on her daily usage and also reveals she took a solid break from the platform after she realized it was consuming her life. “Now, I use social media, it doesn’t use me,” she says of her approach to the photo app.

Are you spending too much time on Instagram? The Doctors suggest using your phone’s usage feature to track how much time you use the app and aim for 30 minutes or less each day.


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