Are You Guilty of 'Distracted Walking'?

Playing How Dangerous Is Distracted Walking?

Are you one of the estimated 3 in 5 adults who use their phone while crossing the street? Doing this habit could be endangering your life!

Doctors producer Leslie Marcus hit the street with her "Smartphone Zombie Taskforce" to find out what is causing people to keep their eyes on their phones and not on the possibly deadly traffic all around them.

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She discovered people were distracted by a slew of things on their phones like playing games, checking to see what time it was, texting, and using social media apps. The majority of the people Leslie spoke to acknowledged the possible dangers of distracted walking and said they would be more mindful in the future.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork warns, "No one can like your photo when you're dead. We've all been guilty of this.... just put the cell phone away when you're out in traffic."

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Leslie also suggests to never cross the street until you have made eye contact with the driver of the cars in the intersection.