Are You Committing These Double Chin Sins?

Playing Are You Committing Double Chin Sins?

The Doctors discuss no one’s favorite feature, the double chin. Plastic surgeon expert Dr. Andrew Ordon explains some of your genetics may play a role, but there are some things you may be doing to make matters worse. How to avoid these double-chin sins? Dr. Ordon has three tips:

Tip #1: Say No to “Text Neck” and Bad Posture
If you’re slouching, your neck will tend to bend down as well. Doing this will wear out the elastin and collagen in your neck. So, sit up straight with your chin held high. Even when you’re looking at your phone. Staring down at it is what will cause the dreaded “text neck.” Dr. Ordon demonstrates holding his phone further out in front of him to avoid it.

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Tip #2: Avoid Big Binges.
Too much alcohol or foods loaded with sugar and fat can impact your chances of getting a double chin. The Doctors sip a healthy mocktail filled made with sparkling water and muddled berries and ER physician Dr. Travis Stork realizes as they sip that even bending down to sip your straw as opposed to holding the drink up to your mouth could cause a double chin!

Tip #3: Laugh This Way!
Even how you laugh can contribute to a double chin. Dr. Ordon demonstrates laughing with his chin up versus when people laugh in, with their neck down. “Get that chin up to the sky!”

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Like so many beauty concerns, prevention is key!