Are You at the Right Age for a Facelift?

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Playing Ask an Expert: When Is the Best Time to Get a Facelift?

You might be starting to ask yourself, is it time to consider getting a facelift? Plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei breaks down what you need to know about procedure and what to consider before going under the knife

Dr. Talei shares the classic way of performing a lift is known as a SMAS plication, which is a 60-70 year old technique that lifts the skin and addresses the underlying layer of muscles and fascia to combat wrinkles. This was something people would wait to do until your face showed lots of wrinkles and you would lift and tighten them away, however your results could look stretched or unnatural. He shares that this is still widely performed, however he prefers the newer way of performing a facelift, which is known as the deep plane lift.

Dr. Talei shares that rather than lifting and tightening the skin like the SMAS plication method, the deep plane lift works on releasing and repositioning your skin. He thinks of it more as a soft tissue surgery, not a skin surgery. After performing the deep plane lift for the past 8 years, Dr. Talei shares that he feels it's a much more natural and substantial lift.

The good news about a deep plane lift is that because it looks very natural there is no longer a "perfect" or "right" age to undergo this surgery. He shares that even a young person who may have soft tissue ptosis could see great results from this procedure.

With the deep plane lift the main considerations are the healing time and repeat procedures. Dr. Talei shares that post-procedure it takes 3 weeks until you look decent, and 3 months until you are event ready. While the deep plane procedure will age fine, you might want to repeat it in 10-15 years. So if you are younger and considering undergoing this procedure, do you want to have to repeat it 1-2 more times in your life? 

Also, find out why Dr. Talei advises to potentially avoid things like a mini-lift, instead of a deep plane procedure. And as with any procedure he shares to do your research to find the right surgeon, analyze the doctors before and after pictures, and really look for someone who is going to give you great advice with great results. 

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